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Unit : 370 Gm

Honey Dipped Walnut Honey is always being the part of Ayurveda, people used to consume it as a medicine. Honey dipped walnut is a new concept to encourage the people to consume the highly nutritious honey with the wild walnut. Wild walnut is rich source of nutrients and fat and possess many medicinal properties. This product is based on the concept of likeness of the people and medicinal values. Wild walnut that was selected from the Himalayan region possesses wild taste and nutrient richness and organic honey that have been used without processing. Mountain Beam Honey Dip walnut is fully natural with goodness of Himalayas.

Supplier Name : HARC
Contact Number : 9958609008
Address : 744 Indra Nagar Dehradun Dehradun Uttarakhand
Pincode : 248006

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