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Rice Bean (Vigna umbellata), also known as mountain climbing bean, mambi bean, oriental bean, chakhawai in Manipur, masyang in Nepal, and naurangi dal in Uttarakhand, is a relative to the Kidney Bean. It is a small rice-shaped bean with a mild flavour, firm texture and multiple colours. It is grown primarily in the kedarnath musk deer sanctuary of Uttarakhand Himalayas at an average altitude of 5000ft above sea level. It is a small bean which allows it to cook quickly. It is a nutritionally rich legume but underutilized because people are not aware of its benefits. It has a comparatively higher content of proteins than other cereal crops. Its favourable protein content ensures high digestibility and therefore makes it a fit food item for little children, women and older people with weak digestion. It is used to relieve edema in some illnesses and is an integral part of traditional Chinese therapy.

Supplier Name : BARAHNAJA
Contact Number : 9105034927
Address : 586 Mandakhal Garhwal(Pauri) Garhwal Uttarakhand
Pincode : 246001

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