About Us

As it seems the Himalayan community venture (HCV) is not just simply a global e platform to buy and sell organic foods, handloom, handicraft and traditional ornaments of Himalayan community, but It's a vast and fully conceptualized thought. We have been working on this idea for more than 20 years. In these We have done a complete research on all Himalayan states but we specially focused our in-depth studies on the organic items of Uttarakhand. Growing and nurturing these rare commodities and helping them to find the direct market.

Himalaya isn't an easy track to wander, till today hundreds of ardent villages aren't in the reach of roads. To grow an organic corps is not difficult for a marginalized farmer but transportation and marketing is still an uphill task.

With this mission in mind we designed and conceptualized this idea. With our research we travelled thousands of kilometers repeatedly and studied potentials in many phases. At first, we were lot more scattered in our approach but in next we mobilized our ideas, energy and intellect. We as thinkers, intellectuals, and community workers gathered our thoughts in many platforms where we could decide the future course to the development of Himalaya and ensure prosperity and bliss to its people and community.

We as community workers and volunteers started our journey in mid-nineties, in the wake of separate state movement. Till the day we have incepted dozens of platforms and community groups to mobilize the organic and traditional richness of Himalaya. HCV or Himalayan community venture is our unique and recent approach to propel and prosper the destiny of Himalayan communities by providing them a global e platform to buy and sell their organic produce and traditional artifacts to the people living all round the world. Here we are not only a bridge to link sellers or buyers but also serve the cause of Himalaya in multiple ways.

We not only promote organic farming and rural marketing in this but also, we are thinking and working on reverse migration Design. Migration is a larger cause of concern or worry for Himalayan states, especially worse for the state of Uttarakhand.

we have past two decades as a separate state but couldn't stop flow of migration due to unemployment. Industrial entrepreneur can pour few jobs in planes but the hill track is trend to migrate since last seven decades. In many of ardent villages houses are Abandon, land is baron. HCV has dedicated to this vision. As our Himalaya is greater on all extent likewise the problems are, few people alone cannot solve the cause, community entrepreneurship is the desired path, and this has remedial commitment to the people who are still lagging far behind. They have everything except the promotion and marketing. HCV is the platform which connects and collects people and their produce for global buyers.

Contract farming may be an adverse idea for the big farmers of planes but the Himalayan states where migration has abandoned land and houses, it will bear fruits. HCV is playing major roll by connecting marginalized farmers to contractors of organic food and medicinal plants etc. HCV will mediate such deals to promote traditional farming and prosperity to Himalayan community. Such endeavor is our voluntary effort. HCV has expertise in skill development, community training and capacity building besides involving community institutions to reach the last entrepreneur.