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3 Barahnaja Organics is born out of immense love for the Himalayan region and its people. Our founders were born and brought up in the quaint little Himalayan village of Manjkholi of Pauri Garhwal district right in the heartland of Uttarakhand. Their curiosity and love for mountains took them on explorations to the farthest regions of the state. What hit them the hardest was, rusty locks in broken homes which were once a part of a thriving biosphere. What could have possibly gone wrong? Their observation and study led them to the conclusion that the major factor contributing to the plight of the people in most of the regions was lack of employment opportunities.
4 "Switch On" products are a perfect blend of the goodness of nature, fine taste & ethnicity. Manufactured & packaged in the pristine Himalayan environs of Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand. Every product of the line is known for its superior quality, original taste & health benefits. From Harvesting to Packaging, utmost care is taken at each step to ensure preservation of natural quality, aroma as well as hygiene. A symbol of resolve & hard work of the rural womenfolk of Himalayan villages.
5 Devbhumi is an Indian-registered company owned by its producers, primarily rural women from remote villages in the high Himalayas of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand in India. Organic and Natural products are procured from over 5000 village households. The company board is composed of farmers. The recruited management and staff are professionals with expertise in various aspects of business. There is also an international advisory board of experienced professionals.
6 Kausani Shawl: With the available resources in the Hilly Region, we try to provide you the best of Handloom. Kausani Shawl is intended towards the delivery of Genuine Quality products and the best service in the country. Also, providing a handful of employment to the local weavers. From a small setup for two weavers to a group of 50+weavers, Kausani Shawl have reached so far. And still crave for more.